Instructions for assembling the centres and instructions for students to glue on envelopes

Instructions for assembling the Literacy Centres

For all centres, glue instructions to students onto the large envelope. If there is an activity sheet, I recommend you glue that to the back of the envelope, so that you have a copy handy just in case! Laminate the envelope open.  Use an X-acto knife to carefully slice open the envelope without cutting through it.  If there is more than one activity sheet for a centre, I recommend you keep a laminated copy inside the envelope – just in case. I also recommend you laminate any answer sheets onto coloured cardstock and keep in the envelope so students have ready access.  Small, transparent resealable sandwich bags are good for keeping small pieces together.

Instructions for assembly (for teacher):

Instructions for activity (for students): (notebook file)

or (word doc. file)


Download all templates

You can download a folder of all templates, anchor charts, assembly instructions and other notes listed on the blog at this address. This way you do not have to download each item individually. Once the file has been downloaded, save it to a desired location on your computer. Then, right click on the folder and select “extract all”, follow the steps and you will have all of the files saved in one folder.

download zipped folder here:

Wordsearch, Crossword, Word Scramble

Software to create & print custom worksheets from your list of words.

Make your own crossword, word search, and word scramble puzzles
with this high quality, easy to use puzzle maker software.

download program or free trial here:

Instructions for assembly: Mots croisés ou Mots cachés : Enlarge the grid so it fits on an 11 x 17 sheet of paper. Laminate the grid. If you allow the laminating machine to carefully grab it from you then it should not wrinkle, but if you feed it too quickly then it may wrinkle.  Make a few copies for the centre. Students can work in pairs to complete the puzzle. Provide erasable markers.  You could also choose to make enough copies on 8.5 x 11 paper for each group member. Students can work out the clues together and then fill in their own activity sheets.

Rotation Schedule, Student Roles and other Anchor Charts

Story retell cards


download file here:

Instructions for assembly: Insert images from the story into the template provided. Print and glue to cardstock. Laminate and cut apart. Shuffle and use a transparent plastic bag for storage.

Mets les phrases en ordre


download file here:

Instructions for assembly: Mets les mots en ordre : We used a magnetic sheet of paper that will go through the printer.  Cut pieces apart and store in a transparent resealable sandwich bag.  Use the cookie sheets as the metal surface for the magnetized words or phrases. (They can be purchased at the Dollar Store.)

*If you do not have access to the magnet sheet, then print the words on white coverstock. Laminate then cut apart. If using paper, you may want to enlarge the font so they are easier to handle.

Jeu de société


download file here:

Print game board onto 2 pieces of paper. In the powerpoint program it is a bit tricky for the correct view to print. Hit the office button (top left circle), print, select print preview, print what – select slides. Once you see that both slides will print as a full page select “print”. Glue the 2 sheets to create the board game onto an opened 11×17 file folder. Laminate. Also need game pieces and dice.